Training Activities

 No.Main Training Events & ConferencesLead Inst.Action Month
1EMPOWER-6G School 1: Designing 6G Networks: theory, enabling technologies, standardization & challengesSIAEM12
EMPOWER-6G School 2: An overview of CF communications for 6G: Benefits and Challenges KUL
3EMPOWER-6G Transferable Skills’ Course 1: Research methodology, scientific writing and presentation skillsISUM14
4EMPOWER-6G Transferable Skills’ Course 2: Improving personal development and team-work skillsCHAL
5First EMPOWER-6G Industry Study GroupISRDM15
6EMPOWER-6G School 3: Optimization theory and its applications to communication networksNVIDIAM16
7EMPOWER-6G School 4: O-RAN: Challenges and opportunitiesUOCM16
8First EMPOWER-6G WorkshopIQU,ISIM18
9EMPOWER-6G School 5: Modelling, simulation, testbeds and real-life experiments of wireless/optical networksNVIDIAM20
10EMPOWER-6G School 6: Network slicing algorithms and functional splitting approaches in 6G networksICCS
11EMPOWER-6G Transferable Skills’ Course 3: Data Management, Intellectual Property Rights and EthicsINFM22
12Second EMPOWER-6G Industry Study GroupSIAEM30
13Second EMPOWER-6G WorkshopCHAL,INFM30
14EMPOWER-6G Transferable Skills’ Course 4: Project management and EC fundingNVIDIAM36
15EMPOWER-6G Transferable Skills’ Course 5: Commercialization, Strategic Management and EntrepreneurshipSIAEM36
16Final EMPOWER-6G ConferenceICCS,ISRDM42
17Plenary meetingsIQU3 per year
18Remote and online talks available on-demand on a variety of topicsISI3 per year